torsdag 7 januari 2010

10 ÅR!

Torsdags Tema År.

I ÅR har jag varit gift med min fantastiska man i 10 ÅR!
Är det någon som vet vad man kallar 10 år?

I have only done 10 years so far, and if you want to see on that have made 14 go over to,Photostory Friday.

My going to be husband at that time 10 years ago also almost did go of the road. But it was not a bra it was candy!
Yes my dear Henrik, drove the car I was eating some candy we just had bought, I got one in my mouth that I did not like, took done the window and spitted it out.
- What are you doing, Henrik said and almost went off the road?
- I did not want it.
- But it is Candy, he said!!!!!!

For all of you that want to know, he also through away things now even if it is candy!